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DFG-SPP 2311

Robustly coupling continuum-biomechanical in silico models to obtain active biological system models for later use in clinical applications - Co-design of modeling, numerics and usability

Registration for SPP2311-Kick-off, May 23th - 24th, 2022 in Stuttgart

Aims of the SPP 2311

The overall aim of the SPP is to further existing methodologies to achieve a new generation of robust biomechanical models that ultimateively can be used in clinical practice. In that sense, the SPP aims to develop the enabling methodologies to build new complex models for clinical applications, but does not aim to transfer these new models to clinics via clinical studies, yet. Thus, the SPP understands itself as a methodically oriented programme focusing on computational biomechanical models of active systems for medical questions. The proposed SPP will strengthen the existing competences of Germany's research environment in a sustainable and internationally visible way. With this SPP, we want to take a pioneering role in the field of continuum-biomechanical modelling of active biological systems.


This image shows Oliver Röhrle

Oliver Röhrle


Sprecher des SPP 2311

This image shows Tim Ricken

Tim Ricken

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Stellv. Sprecher SPP 2311

This image shows  Sina Schorndorfer

Sina Schorndorfer


Koordination SPP 2311

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